TermiTick Story

Our life’s hobbies and passions; whether it be  Hiking, walking our dog, Hunting, Fishing, Cutting wood, or just playing with the kids, all lead to us spending time in the outdoors. 

We love this lifestyle, but we are constantly dealing with Ticks.

The Tick population has grown enormously, and the threat of Lyme Disease & other Tick Borne Diseases is very prevalent.

Although we do Tick Checks and take proper precautions, There is always paranoia when coming back to your home after being in the outdoors, not knowing if ticks have hitched a ride back to your home on your clothing.

In an independent test, Ticks can survive up to 182 hours in a simulated laundry pile! Image how many humans or pets get near the laundry in 182 hours.

This problem needed to be solved as it was becoming an inhibitor to our enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle.

The common practice was to leave the clothing outside, or in the garage.  This did not eliminate the ticks from the domestic area and they would still be able to find human or pet hosts. 

The CDC recommends placing clothes directly in a dryer on high heat after coming in from the outdoors to kill any unseen ticks.  No one wants to place their dirty clothes in a clean family dryer! 

The TermiTick was developed as A chemical free and simple concept that solves the problem. 

The TermiTick is a unique dryer bag designed to place your garments in after wearing them in the outdoors.  This bag permits the garments to tumble but keeps any unwanted parasites and contaminants out of your family’s home dryer. 

Although there is still a need to do tick checks and take other precautions to keep your family safe from Ticks, this is a great tool in the overall Tick Borne Disease Prevention.

There are other great uses for the TermiTick for the outdoors family. 

It can be used to dry unwashed clothing/garments that may be damp but not practical to wash (i.e. book bags, hunting clothes, outdoor play clothes).

It can be used to kill lice and bed bugs.

There are no other products out there like The TermiTick and we are proud to say it is made in the USA.

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