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TermiTick Dryer Bag

"Don't let Ticks hitch a ride to where you and your family reside"
  • Keep Debris and Contaminants out of a Clean Dryer
  • Chemical Free / Portable / Scent Free
  • Dry Gear that is not Practical to Place Directly into a Home Dryer such as Bags & Packs and Pet Gear
  • Prevent Ticks from Entering the Home
  • Quarantine Unseen Ticks that may be Hidden on Garments and Gear

Ticks can survive a wash cycle

To Kill Ticks, Dry First!

If garments are washed before dried, the added moisture is likely to keep the clothes from becoming dry & hot enough to eradicate Ticks.

No one wants to place dirty clothes in a clean dryer

Ticks can survive 182 hours - 7 days - in a laundry pile

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There is always paranoia when coming back to your home after being in the outdoors, not knowing if ticks have hitched a ride back to your home on your clothing/gear.

The common practice of leaving your garments in a pile on the garage floor, putting them in garbage bag, etc. does not serve the purpose of eliminating the ticks from the domestic area.  The ticks often find their way into homes and other locations around the house where they can find human or pet hosts.

To kill unseen Ticks on garments, Government & Independent sources direct people to place garments directly into dryer (even prior to washing). If clothes are washed first, the added moisture is likely to keep the clothes from becoming dry & hot enough to kill the ticks.  


No one wants to place their dirty clothes in a clean dryer! 

There is a solution: TermiTick!

The TermiTick is a portable dryer bag designed to place your clothes in after wearing them in the outdoors.  This bag quarantines and keeps unwanted parasites and contaminants out of your home dryer. 

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1. Place garments in TermiTick and zip.(Do not  over fill as clothes must tumble inside bag; it is recommended to use dryer balls inside bag to assist in agitation of the garments for better drying).

2. Place TermiTick in home dryer. 


To kill Ticks (Ixodes scapularis): Place garments in dryer for 10 minutes on High Heat*. If clothes are damp, additional time is needed.


*High Heat Drying Temperature is defined as 135-187 ° F

This product is being sold as a Dryer Bag only.

Citations for Drying times to kill listed insects can be found at Instructions page.