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Archery Mission


Word of God * Archery * Fellowship

The Archery Mission is a chapter of Christian Bowhunters of America and is designed to provide an environment where the Word of God, Fellowship, and Archery come together to further one's growth. 

Join Us as we converse about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enjoy fellowship through Archery.

Join Us For A Fellowship Event

* A Bible Discussion in rustic Barn. 

* Fellowship with others. 

* Archery discussions with Work Shop on site. 

* Archery course (through woods).

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Fellowship Events are FREE for participants!

Free Basic Archery Lessons

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* Acquire basic knowledge of Archery. 

* Learn your personal Bow measurements. 

* Learn how to Shoot a Bow and Arrow. 

* Archery equipment provided.

Plan A Shoot

Plan your own event with us (Small Group / Bible Study / Archery Shoot)


Archery Mission is an official ASA Club 


The Archery Mission is privately supported but is always in need of donations for the maintenance and continuation of the mission.

We are seeking Pastors/Leaders to assist in providing guidance and understanding of God's Word to the participants. 

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